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Richmor Commercial Fleet Management

  • Author:Sybil
  • Release on:2022-11-09

If you are involved in vehicle industry, will you have a headache about your management?

In fact, most of people will choose a commercial fleet, that's right. A good platform or software will bring great benefit. 

But do you really know the commercial fleet management? If you feel intersted, pls follow us and read the below, we will give our software as an example.

Richmor Hetu Vehicle Collecting Cloud is a data management platform, intended for commercial vehicles such as Taxi, school bus, coach, trucks etc. It mainly provides GPS tracking, video surveillance, AI safety alarm and other commercial requests.

Our aim:(3S)

*For the safety of drivers and passengers

*For the save of important evidence

*For the surveillance of commercial fleets

Centered in users' experience, Richmor has been pursuing complete services and remarkable technology, with the task of saving cost and operation time.

Brilliant modules:

1. Vehicle Surveillance:

  • Real-time position and Live stream (max 36 channels)
  • Video playback and track playback
  • Electronic Fence for configuration

2. Alarm System:

  • General Alarms from terminal error, digital IO
  • AI Safety Alarms, with Risk Assessment
  • Alarm handling, Alarm linkage email notification

*For your attention, AI active safety alarm and user-defined IO Alarm support alarm screenshot and videos to be uploaded into the server, and these evidences will be sent by email for reminder.*

3. Statistical Analysis:

  • Location, mileage reports
  • All Alarm Reports and analysis
  • Driver working time reports
  • Peripheral reports and analysis

4. Terminal management:

  • Equipment status
  • Order issuance
  • SIM card management
  • Remote configuration and upgrading

Distinctive advantages:

  1. Based on big Data, reliable and secure
  2. High performance and capacity 
  3. Tailor-made service, personalization
  4. PC side, app version supported
  5. Free and easy access to the software

What will we bring for you if Joining in Richmor Hetu platform?

First, we provide after sales service without time limit.

Second, make your vehicle management simple and time-saved

Third, our professional technicians help to install the software at your server and resolve any issues in our platform.

A client from South America said:

Richmor Hetu platform is like an Intelligent robot who can assist humans to do boring and repeated work, saving their time and cost

Does anyone refuse this cute“Robot”?

Welcome to browse our software: