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Super wireless WIFI HD 4-way 7-inch all-in-one car kit RCM-PWM7F

  • Author:Michael
  • Release on:2021-11-23
Richmor RCM-PWM7F is a 7-inch 4-way high-definition vehicle-mounted integrated monitor kit. The product adopts super WIFI transceiver scheme, portable suit, no wiring, plug and play, automatic pairing without setting, and convenient deployment. Camera suite supports long working hours, stability, reliability and adaptability.
1.The product adopts professional WIFI wireless transceiver chip and dedicated WIFI(PWIFI) technology. Excellent anti-interference ability, wireless distance up to 300 meters, open transmission or penetration of multi-layer metal brick wall obstacles.
2.Wireless transmission has high bandwidth and low delay. Transmission of high-definition pictures, ultra-low delay video delay of 120ms-150ms
3.The hidden SSID has better security and prevents attacks. Automatically switch WIFI channels in real time to avoid interference. No installation and debugging, plug and play, automatic pairing, no setting.
4.7-inch car display with resolution of 1024*600. The screen supports key operation, quick code checking and language configuration. Parameter setting and screen display setting can be performed by on-screen buttons, and single channel, dual channel, 4 channel and polling display can be supported. Support picture-in-picture mode, mirror configuration, etc.
5.Support up to 4 wireless 720P AHD cameras to access preview and video at the same time; AVI recording mode, which can be played at any time
6.Single SD card video recording
7.The wireless monitor adopts professional vehicle-mounted power supply design, supports 8~36V power input, can directly take power from the vehicle, and supports instantaneous high voltage, reverse connection, short circuit and undervoltage protection.
8.720P HD AHD wireless camera can reach IP67 waterproof level, with 15-20m infrared visible distance. Support 12V vehicle power supply or optional battery box power supply.
9.The battery box structure integrates strong magnetic adsorption, which can be directly adsorbed on the metal body frame. Four indicators show the battery power and charging status in real time. DC12V regulated output, battery capacity is not optional (battery box can support 10-40 hours of continuous power supply, and different battery capacities can be selected). IP67 waterproof grade, supporting -30℃~70℃ environmental work. Battery box supports DC12V charging or direct charging of car cigarette lighter, and supports PD fast charging.
10.Optional professional car charger can be used to support PD fast charging of battery box. Two battery boxes can be charged at the same time