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School Bus Monitoring Solution
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School bus solutions

School bus potential problems: 

Private frequent phenomenon, fleet management difficult;
Increasing overhead costs, vehicle expenses increase;
Severe overload, super negative, did not regularly check the vehicle;
Abuse affect school image, adverse social impacts to the school;
According to the specified routes, detours, failed to arrive out;
Violation, speeding, driver fatigue, and other easily lead to traffic accidents.



Dispatch: Anytime grasp the state of the vehicle (parking, driving, speed, time) and other basic information, at any time dispatching vehicles.
Image capture:Supports up to four cameras to capture the situation on the car.
Video Surveillance:Multi-camera video surveillance on school buses, real-time vehicle dynamics control, to prevent overloading.
Alarm function:In case of emergency, such as robbery occurred when seeking help, you can stop in time stealing behavior, rollovers and other types of problems in time to help rescue timely treatment.
Speeding cross-border police functions:Break the speed limit, into the regional police, the regional police, and out of the area alarm; ensure traffic safety.
Line Route Planning:Center of the travel route based on the school bus, traveling planning a fixed line, the vehicle is not in accordance with the established route will trigger an alarm and alert the driver through voice yaw report. Meanwhile, the monitoring center can shift scheduling function for the driver shouted.
Tachograph:In accordance with the vehicle during the time interval set record vehicle data, remote, on-site collection. Provide a basis for judging the cause of the accident.
Sign on and off card:Car terminal in support of student status by collecting and identifying information or RFID contactless IC card mode, and student status information can be uploaded to the monitoring platform, the monitoring center can generate a report on the appropriate sign-off students.

System structure diagram
School bus system diagram solution
Installation Refer to Figure
School bus interior installation diagram
School bus MOBILE DVR Description High compression ratio, image clarity H.264 encoding format that supports boot recording, timer recording and alarm recording, video recording supports ACC turn off delay. Built-in GPS global positioning system, you can view live video, vehicle location, historical video playback via 3G networks remotely. Support mobile remote monitoring
Can be connected card reader to authenticate, statistics, labor statistics is to avoid mistakes. Provide each stop down the number of students in real time, avoiding missed students, and the students left in the car, causing the accident
Can make voice calls, network intercom, voice broadcasting. Management centers and vehicles to achieve instant messaging
To supervise the driver's bad behavior, such as: speeding, rapid acceleration, braking and other vehicle easy to dangerous behavior; and its evaluation, prevention of safety problems
Car intelligent system will be sent to parents on the child needed to get off message, including the time, place on and off so that parents timely, accurate and fast control of key understanding of student safety conditions, enabling students to pick the time. Parents can also view live video via cell phone inside the vehicle.
Pre-set fixed driving the school bus route, when the school bus driver is not driving in accordance with a predetermined line, the center will automatically send voice alarm, central terminal can communicate with the car via voice intercom

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