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Bus Monitoring Solution
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Professional Wireless Vehicle Monitoring Solution Provider

Background and Challenges :
With the advancement of technology, the vehicle in people's lives serve as an indispensable, as a people mover along in various places. While the vehicle is in use also facing more and more problems, passenger traffic, car theft, robbery, assault continued, the driver together with the crew not to vote or give money fake tickets, these phenomena have been plaguing the bus company and public safety department. In some cities, although police have taken pocketing thousands of ambulances, but in the flow of the bus situation is still more severe. In many cases the car at all times in case of need to record the memories of a variety of purposes, assessment prove of evidence. 
How severe a shock, power instability, severe interference, dusty complex environment of the scene are recorded. Has been a major problem in-vehicle recording equipment, and the company developed the production of car video recorder appeared, a good solution to the above problems. Not only on the car's environmental record live high-definition (up to DVD quality) and also has more security features, such as driving records.

Solutions :
Building a unified video surveillance system (the device can also be mounted on my company server, saving server costs), audio and video access line of vehicles, monitoring real-time data bus running track, speed, alarm and other emergency situations, solve bus management of difficult problems.

Business system architecture as shown below:



Refer to Figure cameras installed




Real-time monitoring, GPS positioning

High compression ratio, image clarity H.264 encoding format that supports boot recording, timer recording and alarm recording, video recording supports ACC turn off delay. Built-in GPS global positioning system, you can view live video, vehicle location, historical video playback via 3G networks remotely. Support mobile remote monitoring.

Automatic station



Automatic Voice newspaper stand, supporting safe riding tips, transfer tips, tips for speeding, Transcription driving tips and hourly chime, newspaper stand to support manual reporting stations or GPS automatic station.


Bus card

Bus card machines can be connected automatically receive and store scheduling system fee schedule issued under the background, conduct bus card spending, Statistics variety of consumer data.

Operations Scheduling

Operations Management System features include: vehicle GPS systems, electronic rostering system, GIS electronic map system, vehicle operation management systems and operational statistics


Issued LED display control and display information, including information on business information, public information, government policies, traffic information, weather forecasts and so on.


Voice features

For voice telephony, network intercom, voice broadcasting. Achieve timely communication and vehicle management center
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