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  • Author:Michael
  • Release on:2021-11-16
Integrated ADAS (front safety auto-alarm) + DSM (Driver Status Monitor) + Driver facial recognition+BSD(Blind spot detection) Integrated high-capacity storage, which can continue to store driving data and information when the plug-in storage is damaged or removed. 1 DIN size 8CH AHD Mobile DVR with Front monitor: 132 * 64 dot matrix, dot spacing 0.39 * 0.39mm; display 4 lines of status information The unique pre-allocated MDVR system: file fragments caused by repeated erasure, data loss caused by storage system crash, unable to find the storage and file scrambling, and ensure the stability and integrity of data; 8v-36v auto-adaptive voltage input, support reverse connection protection, over-voltage and over-current overload protection, output 12V@1A and 5V@1A Supply power to peripheral equipment. Ultra low power consumption design; Support UPS technology, the machine can work for 8-11s in abnormal outage, save data after outage, prevent data missing, disk damaging, and protect integral data. Easy cost-effective Configuration via Mobile App, remote controller, or server platform remotely. And Silky intuitive and extraordinary OS system interface, Gorgeous and powerful client program, providing real-time monitoring, monitoring intercom, playback, video recording, HD screenshot etc; Product features 
◆ HIS solution, H.265 compression, multi-stream recording. Support max 8CH 1080P HD video monitoring / recording (8CH 1080P real-time AHD HD input), providing HD video effect;
◆ Real time HD video recording, 1080p / 720p / D1 / HD1 / CIF optional, adjustable frame rate of image quality; 
◆ 2CH video output. Support 1CH pre-analog output and 1CH post-analog output; 
◆ Professional MDVR power design, 8-36v DC voltage input; Protection circuits for overload / undervoltage / short circuit / which is suitable for various vehicles; 
◆ Provide DC12V and DC5V power output, which can provide constant voltage power for cameras, small screens and peripheral equipment; 
◆ SD (Max 2 Large Capacity SD ) protect data from vehicle vibration and dust etc, 
◆ The prevent Watchdog abnormal restart function which can protect the machine and video;
◆ The unique pre-allocated MDVR system can solve: file fragments caused by repeated erasure, ensure the stability and integrity of data; 
◆ Stalling delay recording function (Max 24 hours); Built-in 3.7v/600mAh (Max1200mAh) backup battery. Support GPS upload after vehicle outage. 
◆ Protection of car accident outage: special UPS technology can make the machine work normally for 8-11s when off the external power supply (including backup battery),so as to ensure the integrity of video and facilitate accident investigation 
◆ Auto-video recording, manual video recording, alarm video recording and other video recording methods to meet different needs; 
◆ Display and record vehicle driving status, license plate, routes, over speed ect for convenient management; 
◆ Support GPS / BD, 4G,WiFi; 
◆ Super strong network:through IE configuration menu, support SMS configuration parameters and access to device information; 
◆ Remote support for AV monitoring, two-way voice intercom, remote PTZ control, manual alarm, overspeed alarm, cross-border and route deviation alarm; 
◆ 6CH IO alarm input (door opening and closing, lighting, steering, braking, reversing can be configured ), 2CH analog alarm input; 
◆ 2CH alarm output, supporting linkage audible and visual alarm, oil cut-off and power-off 
◆ Support local auto-photo-taking function of alarm input, and save at least 2000 pictures Built-in POS reader, support touching IC card to record driver's login/logout status. 
◆Integrated ADAS (99% efficiency alerts: lane departure detection, front vehicle collision detectio
n and warning advanced driving assistant system). 
◆Integrated DSM,driver facial recognition (99% efficiency driver’s behavior alerts: Fatigue, Distract, Smoking, safe belt...) 
◆Integrated BSD blind Spot detection algorithm (99% efficiency alerts for side people, vehicles, bicycles..)
◆ Support TTS audio function Integrated 1CH pickup and 1CH loudspeaker for monitoring, 
◆ Support Ministry of transport standard protocol, expandable PTZ control, oil fuel sensor, LED advertising etc; 
◆ Support remote monitoring via phone and mobile phone call function; 
◆ Customization functions which are based on customer requirements; 
◆ Working temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ (printer and battery: - 20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃) 
◆ Software upgrade / OTA remote auto-upgrade via SD card, partition backup 
◆ Size: 180mm * 60mm * 170mm