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Taxi Monitoring Solution
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A needs analysis :
Economic development, social progress and people's living standards improve, the development of the taxi industry has created favorable conditions. The city has grown rapidly in recent years, the number of taxis, but relatively backward industry management has brought all sorts of ills: load rate, traffic congestion, high cost, poor real-time scheduling dispersion, waste of resources, development of the industry blocked. Together with the recent significant increase in taxi robbery, causing a serious threat to the driver's personal safety and property. After the taxi windshield LCD development of advertising, advertising revenue brought to the driver. In order to adapt to the development of urban transport improvement and social order, modern management taxi has put on the agenda, the establishment of a unified, efficient, smooth, wide coverage, taxi dispatch system with a universal monitoring becomes very necessary. And the development of 3G technology (GPS, GIS, GSM) makes it possible to establish such a system.
Taxi industry demand for monitoring and dispatching system features: 
- Improve service levels, increase efficiency is the primary demand
- The need to balance efficiency and safety, the safety requirements for vehicle and driver protection
- Rational development of taxi advertising resource demanding real-time system response
- There are a variety of channels required to provide services

Two, GPS system concept :
Taxi monitoring and dispatching system is a global satellite positioning system (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS) and wireless communication technology in one of the software and hardware integrated system. It is mainly composed of three parts: the vehicle terminal, wireless data link and control center systems. Taxis can be unified centralized management and real-time monitoring and dispatching to provide services to drivers, passengers.

Third, the program features:
Powerful and accurate vehicle location, real-time monitoring, efficient scheduling function 
Combined with the call center to provide on-call, traffic advisory services 
Effective exception handling mechanism, and fully guarantee the safety of drivers and vehicles  
Can support a variety of communication methods, including GSM short message, voice, GPRS
Supports multi-level architecture, multi-center cascade, distributed Internet 
System with complete security and automated disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure security and stability, reduce system maintenance costs 
Accurate digital maps and map services support professional, with precise electronic maps to a prefecture-level city in the country 
After highlighting the taxi rear LCD screen, you can send text messages under a variety of content through advertising. 

Fourth, the system main function and features

Monitoring and dispatching
System established quickly and accurately, effective information delivery channel between the taxi and the monitoring center. The center can keep track of vehicle status, quickly issued a scheduling order. Meanwhile, the vehicle may need to be remotely controlled based. 

Accident alarm
Vehicle interior vehicle terminal installed alarm switch, alarm switch, once triggered, will send alarm signals and continuous position information to the dispatch center GIS terminal. Optional network through monitoring terminal position tracking, start the car hidden microphone for recording. Meanwhile, you can broadcast messages to all other vehicles to install car terminal, notices vehicle accident cases, 110 police command center to effectively protect the driver's personal safety.

Cross-border police 
Monitoring center can set a special area of ​​rental vehicles to prevent external passenger vehicles operating within the specified range.

Information Services
Monitoring center can provide traffic information to the taxi drivers, line consultation information, advertising information (such as hotels mall advertising), industry information and stock information, etc., for the driver and passenger service.

Vehicle Management
Taxi companies affiliated numerous vehicles, the vehicle needs to centralized information management. Management covers basic vehicle information (such as license plate number, vehicle type, the driver information, etc.), safety records, driving records. All these information systems will be the vehicle for the collection, entry, and then provide the user to modify, delete, and query functions.

Data recording and analyzing
Taxi information during driving record will be saved for easy post queries. Taxi companies can also be based on statistical analysis of these data, providing market data to support decision-making.

Taxi advertising screen
After the taxi windshield below, or roof. Form: LED display, text scrolling exhibition helps to secure travel and easy to see, the owners can increase advertising revenue, it will also become the government disseminate emergency information (flood control, wind and other information) emergency communications platform, while adding on the system with GPS satellite positioning, when the taxi robbery or encounter an emergency situation, simply press the emergency button inside the car, LED display will show "I was robbed, please help me alarm," and other words, in the back people can see the screen in the shortest time and the license plate, the police quickly to help the taxi robbery.

Five features:

gps posittioning

Real-time monitoring

High compression ratio, image clarity H.264 encoding format that supports boot recording, timer recording and alarm recording, support ACC turn off delay. Built-in GPS global positioning system, you can view live video, vehicle location, historical video playback via 3G networks remotely. Support mobile remote monitoring

fleet management

Operations Management

With a line regulation, operational monitoring and management capabilities; dispatching through visualization, information interactive voice broadcasting, two-way intercom, voice calls, timely processing of various events, such as traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, accidents and so on.

Emergency alarm

Emergency alarm

Encountered robbery and other emergencies, the driver can trigger an emergency alarm button hidden, management center will sound an alarm immediately and automatically pop up on-site video, start recording, staff can respond promptly to deal with the situation according to the site

GPS position and path track

Historical trajectory queries

Historical track record vehicle, remote monitoring and management center can be played back on the map, to reproduce the process of moving vehicle



Control and LED display del issued to display information, including information on a variety of business information, public information, government policies, traffic information, weather forecasts and so on.
passenger staus display
Do not open the video surveillance, operations management center can also be displayed in real time passenger vehicle rental status, to facilitate unified management, efficient use of resources.

The above solution is just a brief introduction, For more information, please Contact us