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CMSServerV6 Introduction

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CMSServerV6 Introduction

Ben Chen 2015-02-28 10:24:02

CMSServerV6 服务器

Product Introduction  产品介绍

1.1. Product Functions功能介绍 
CMSServer Central Management Server is a Wireless Network for centralized management and monitoring of all types of mobile assets. It is a high-quality, high-efficiency centralized and distributed network management architecture that provides network transmission of video, audio, data and other multimedia information for users to perform real-time remote video monitoring, GPS maps positioning, video storage, vehicle scheduling, recorded vehicle data playback and tracking, voice intercom and alarm warning security work. Other features include remote data download and storage, alarm triggering and remote alerts, remote vehicle management, etc. 
CMS 是基于无线网络对各类车辆进行集中管理、监控及高度的系统。CMS 以高品质、高 
础,为用户执行实时监视、GPS 定位、录像存储、车辆调度及报警预警的安全防范工作。 
CMS 系统可实现无线远程实时视频监控、GPS 地图定位、车辆历史行驶轨迹回放、语音 
CMSServerV6 for Mobile DVR Surveillance System

1.2 Features Introduction  特点介绍 
★ The CMS Server Network can support up to 100,000 vehicles monitoring 
   本系统可以承载100000 台车辆的监控 
★ Vehicle information management system 
 Quickly locate and track vehicles quickly via GPS information, displays real-time vehicle status display online and statistical interpretation of data collected 
   车辆的快速定位及跟踪,GPS 信息,车辆实时状态显示,车辆在线状态及数目统计 
 Alarms and Alerts information statistical functions 
 iPhone and ANDROID mobile smart phone Client Support 
   支持iPhone和ANDROID 手机车辆监控 
 Send SMS Alerts 
 Real-time remote audio and video surveillance
 Real-time vehicle front end image capture function 
 Two-way voice intercom, vehicles broadcast function 
 Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) remote control function 
 Vehicle’s historical tracking playback function 
 Remote video search, download and playback capabilities 
 Depending on the configuration program, the storage server automatically snap pictures, automatic recording, occur after alarm linkage, automatic SMS and mail to notify the user 
 Alarm Linkage (Emergency button alarm, Video signal alarm, Unauthorized unlock alarm, Hard disk-error alarm, Over speed alarm, Motion detection alarm, Long idling time alarm, Temperature alarm, GPS signal lost alarm, IO alarm (custom), Electronic map lock alarm. 
报警,移动侦测报警,停车时间过长报警,温度报警,GPS 讯号丢失,IO 报警(自定义), 
 Assets Report Description 
CMSServerV6 for Mobile DVR 3G Monitor System