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Truck Monitoring Solution
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Background and Challenges:
With economic development, social progress, the increasing number of road transport of dangerous goods, the threat to the town, the crowd, the river is growing, dangerous goods transport safety issues has been increasing attention. All around us, every day, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum, chemicals, transport vehicles in the street driving, driving safety monitoring issue has been in transportation units and fire departments headaches. Before the vehicle outside the company only through high-frequency telephone contact, very inconvenient, but once an accident occurs, the authorities can not timely manner. Therefore, the establishment of a moving target can be monitored in real time scheduling, unified management system is particularly necessary. Development of GPS, GIS, communications technology makes it possible to establish such a system. Using high-tech comprehensive monitoring of dangerous goods vehicles, will be able to clear the electronic map, real-time understanding of the current position of the vehicle, driving status and other information, display the instantaneous speed of the vehicle, while able to record each driver's speeding, illegal routes, etc. information is stored in the central database.
Design goals:
Ideological core monitoring system is the use of advanced science and technology, combined with user-friendly design concepts, construction of a sophisticated, complex, large vehicle networked video surveillance management system to provide visualization services for the management of various logistics vehicles, vehicle and personnel provide strong security guarantee. 
Construction of the full system using mobile video surveillance technology, 3G wireless communication transmission technology, large-capacity data storage harsh environmental technology, GPS vehicle tracking technology, hybrid network transmission technology, GIS visualization technique, forming a vehicle for precise monitoring of all the jurisdictions Comprehensive monitoring and management platform. 
Comprehensive monitoring and management platform for all vehicles on the one hand collecting real-time video information, timely and accurate discovery of illegal or improper activity slack profitable move, investigate and collect evidence, disposal personnel, provide a visual reference for logistics vehicles dispatching decisions, improve vehicle efficiency scheduling, Low cost to run scientific and technological content; hand collect information on all transport vehicles, by statistics, analyzed and summarized other scientific means to provide scientific and rational data resources related business management system to facilitate improved business related departments to provide.
System Features
Monitoring system designed to follow the systems engineering design criteria, through scientific and rational design, the system as a whole to meet the needs of video surveillance and vehicle management, vigorous use of in-vehicle video surveillance technology, 3G mobile communications technology, GPS satellite positioning technology, GIS geographic information technology, open platform architecture and a series of mature technology, inheritable, with broad prospects for development of advanced technology, the system can not lag behind in the next few years to achieve more new features through software upgrades to protect the user's investment
According to user requirements, adhere to the principle of practicality mainly to avoid the use of immature, overly advanced technologies and products to meet the detailed technical requirements of users, based on the endeavor to fully thoughtful, rational optimization gives scientific advice.
System reliability is the cornerstone of long-term stable operation of the system, from system design to system architecture design, to product selection, system reliability will continue to uphold the principle. And fully integrated with other vehicle control systems engineering experience, and learn from the best part, provide the basis for the overall design of practical high-reliability systems, the implementation of the device when the monomer, will be chosen as high as tens of thousands of hours MTBF products.
System is the key to data security can not be ignored. When building the system platform, operators will draw design ideas over the years, the full realization of system intrusion prevention, data leakage prevention.

The system design will use a standardized design, strict compliance with international, national and industry standards related technologies, ensuring transparency and interconnection between systems and to take full account of the connection with other systems. In the design and equipment selection, the scientific forecasting of future expansion needs, conduct margin design.

Manageability, ease of maintenance:
The system will use the whole Chinese graphical software management and maintenance of the monitoring system. Automatic detection system running any one device, and shows detailed parameters to assist managers timely and accurate judgment and problem solving. Using a stable-to-use hardware and software, all without the aid of any special maintenance tools, not only reduces the management expertise of personnel training costs, but also saves frequent routine maintenance costs.

System Diagram:
Vehicle Monitoring System
Front-end design:
       Due to the size of the various models of vehicles, construction vehicles and so very different inside and outside, so choose the number and location of cameras installed must fully consider the actual situation of the vehicle design. 
       Here in freight cars, for example, give a brief description. An ordinary freight car requires a minimum of four cameras installed on the car to monitor each location.
       1) Camera 
       Road in front of the camera - mounted on the seat in front of the car roof, facing the front surface of the lens, shooting in front of the road, traffic information signs, traffic lights, etc., can record vehicle status, driving conditions in front of the vehicle.
       2) Camera 2 
       Cab camera - located in the freight car cab driver for taking safe driving conditions and sound recording, will help improve the driver's awareness of traffic rules, traffic safety protection, to identify responsibility for the accident. 
      3) Camera 
       Tank cameras - installed in the bottom side of the car, shot toward the outside of the tank cars, the main subject was the state of the fuel tank cap and display data tanker 
       4) 4 cameras 
       Car camera - at the top of the rear wagons outside the car roof, the direction of the lens backwards, can basically shoot into the car after the tank car loading and unloading conditions and road conditions. 
       Front pickups, speakers 
       Front-end sound system arranged for the acquisition of equipment pickups, the car can be used for real-time capture sound and dialogue, initiated by the center-speaking clients. 
       Digital video and audio encoding 
       The analog front-end collection to digital video and audio signal access 3G video vehicle positioning terminal hosts digitized compressed. First, the analog video and digital audio coding, compression processing, the data processed and stored according to the wireless network needs to upload. 
       GPS positioning module 
       Vehicle terminal device can be received global satellite positioning system GPS (GlobalPositionSystem) location information via wireless network transmission systems regularly sent to the management center management personnel in the monitoring center can get the vehicle running track, speed, and direction information. Division I BE-A16C Host uses a Swiss UBloxLEA-5S GPS module solves the fast restart positioning system to quickly locate the problem. 
       Emergency alarm button (optional) 
       You can install an emergency alarm button on the vehicle, in the event of an emergency vehicle, drivers and passengers can be triggered by the alarm button, alarm management center to react quickly managed center. 
       LCD display (optional) 
       System in the cab arranged a 7-inch Color LCD display for the driver to observe the situation inside. Display uses progressive scanning resolution of 800 × 600. Provide the driver with the remote control to switch the display case inside and outside the car, you can choose single screen, you can browse quad; administrator can be achieved by remote control related functions basic functions such as: query data, system upgrades, data downloads and other features .

Functions and features:

Real time video

Real-time monitoring

High compression ratio, image clarity H.264 encoding format that supports boot recording, timer recording and alarm recording, support ACC turn off delay. Built-in GPS global positioning system, you can view live video, vehicle location, historical video playback via 3G networks remotely. Support mobile remote monitoring

Fleet management

Operations Management

With a line regulation, operational monitoring and management capabilities; dispatching through visualization, information interactive voice broadcasting, two-way intercom, voice calls, timely processing of various events, such as traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, accidents and so on.

GPS Position and path Track

GPS positioning and trajectory queries

On the map in blue continuous automatic monitoring of several standard describes the need to run the route of the vehicle, the vehicle automatically refresh real-time view of the latest position. Remote monitoring and management center can also play back the historical track record vehicle on the electronic map, reproduce vehicle process.

security alarm

Security Alarm

Can set safety limits. According to driving conditions, the system will automatically generate an alarm fatigue driving, speeding alarm, entry and exit fence alarm, alarm and other illegal parking alarm information automatically uploaded to the management center.

oil mangement

Fuel Management

Real-time monitoring of the state oil mailbox, when suddenly an alarm can trigger dramatic changes in oil, to effectively prevent the occurrence of an event of the vehicle being Touyou

goods security

Real-time monitoring of goods

By giving the goods to configure intelligent RFID electronic lock, the effective distance can automatically identify, collect cargo information, the whole process of transport of goods to achieve continuous real-time monitoring, real-time alarm, enabling customers to control the flow of goods moving in real time, to ensure that the process of transport of goods effective supervision.



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