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Mini Size 2CH 1080P Mobile DVR BK6M with 3G/4G WIFI GPS function for Taxi

  • Auteur:Michael
  • Release op:2021-11-08
In recent days, taxi incidents often appear in people's field of vision, but they are all very negative news, and the safety of taxi drivers and passengers also comes into the public's field of vision. Under this background, our company has launched a smart and convenient -BK6M designed for taxi drivers in the taxi network.

BK6M,G-Sensor +GPS +3G/4G /WIFI (5.8G or 2.4G ) All in one, Support 2X SD cards storage, up to 128GB for each,2CH Alarm input,3CH Alarm output and 10 seconds delay pow-off for data protection.It is popular with local people for its favorable price, powerful function and small size.

If your friends and relatives are engaged in this work, you might as well give him a BK6M to protect his or her safety.