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Great job for Mexico customer professional testing

  • Auteur:Michael
  • Release op:2021-11-24
Shared by Mexico customer who is new in MDVR.
Richmor MDVR system is more friendly in configuration and more intelligent for fleet management.

Two weeks ago, this Mexican customer came to me and asked me for an 8-channel, 1080P MDVR with large storage capacity and AI function. After much consideration, I recommended one of our most worthwhile products --SP5I.

* 8CH Hybrid HDD AHD MDVR, H.265
* Audio&video inputs: 8CH AHD
* Resolution: 1080p/ 960p/720p, D1(hybrid)
* OS:  Linux
* Module built-in:  GPS & 3G/4G, WIFI (optional)
* Storage:  2 SD card (max 512GB),HDD(2TB MAX optional)
* Wide range power supply: DC6-36V, low voltage protection
Build in ADAS+DSM+BSD AI functions, and 3cameras included

After listening to our introduction, the customer did not hesitate to order samples for testing, because it was the first time for the customer to buy this kind of products, and our company always paid attention to logistics and testing information. Yesterday, the customer took the samples and started assembly testing, and the test results were perfect. We were also very happy. The customer couldn't wait to send their test videos and live pictures, which showed that the customer was very satisfied with our products.

This is the test video that the customer send to us.

And this is the link of our product--SP5I