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  • Auteur:Michael
  • Release op:2021-11-15
Our equipment BK6I can meet all your application requirements, and I also know that many equipments on the market can meet it, but our advantage lies in:
1.Our equipment is easy to install and inexpensive.
2.Its integrated design allows you to cancel complicated installation, save installation cost, and better match the luxury and height of your VIP vehicle.
3.The intercom function is also directly attached.

If time is short, we can directly configure the server for you, give you an account number and open permissions for you, and you can freely change your password to protect your privacy. If time permits, you can also configure your own server and connect it, and we will provide free technical support for the whole process.

At the end of the year, the production schedule of the warehouse is tight. I suggest you take a sample for practical operation test, send it this week, and get it next week. In this way, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of our products instead of staying on paper data.We can communicate while testing, solve all problems and confirm the intention before arranging mass production.
This is our product video link, and I believe it can help you better understand our products.