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RICHMOR Will Always Be There For Driving Safety of Thousands of Families

  • Autore:Michael
  • Rilasciare il:2021-11-05
Whether it is school bus safety or truck accidents, it has never left people's perspective. In this environment, the car video industry is constantly being pushed forward. Under this general environment, RICHMOR worked hard to advance, research and development, technology and other departments. Under the mobilization of BOSS, all the staff prepared for war, worked tirelessly and walked in the forefront of the world all the time. Thanks to the very good reputation in the industry and the professional and responsible technical support, he was published in newspapers many times and interviewed, which was widely praised.

With the launch and improvement of 4G technology, our company also launched MDVR with 4G technology at first, followed by WIFI, which will work at the same time and be more efficient.

However, with the belief that standing still is retrogressive, our company has been constantly innovating in customer experience, product technology, etc., in order to reduce the accident rate and preserve a perfect home.

Please give us your family's driving safety. Just trust us!