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Passenger flow statistics system

Chine On-board protective box RCM-VP600 usine

On-board protective box RCM-VP600

On-board protective box RCM-VP600Plus
Chine Professional vehicle door magnet RCM-MC01 usine

Professional vehicle door magnet RCM-MC01

Material: zinc alloy material; Operating voltage: DC12V Starting current is 0.45A Operating current 0.45APlus
Chine RFID card reader RCM-RFR001 usine

RFID card reader RCM-RFR001

External stand-alone card reader. The working frequency is not less than 8MHz; Compatible with ISO 14443-1-2-3-4(TYPE A&B). DC5V, not more than 200mA ...Plus
Chine Ultrasonic oil sensor RCM-OT09 usine

Ultrasonic oil sensor RCM-OT09

The resolution of oil level height measurement by the sensor is 0.1mm, and the measurement accuracy is 0.5%, which can ensure high measurement accurac...Plus
Chine Oil sensor RCM-OTL01 usine

Oil sensor RCM-OTL01

Digital capacitive automobile oil level sensor: The length can be customized as required. ● Detection range: 0.05-1m ● Accuracy: Grade 1 ● Medium t...Plus
Chine On-board alarm button RCM-AB01 usine

On-board alarm button RCM-AB01

12V alarm button, mini, good concealment, automatic reset.Plus
Chine Roof LED display RCM-LED770 usine

Roof LED display RCM-LED770

Roof LED display RCM-LED770Plus
Chine Passenger flow counter JZ-COUNT21 (white) usine

Passenger flow counter JZ-COUNT21 (white)

Passenger flow counter JZ-COUNT21 (white)Plus
Chine Binocular passenger flow camera RCM-DEC130 usine

Binocular passenger flow camera RCM-DEC130

Using binocular cameras (two cameras), 3D image processing is carried out through the built-in processor chip, and leading 3D video streaming algorith...Plus