Industrial Grade 4CH HDD Mobile DVR With 3G GPS WIFI G-senosr Support 64 GB SD Card and 1TB HDD MDVRIndustrial Grade 4CH HDD Mobile DVR With 3G GPS WIFI G-senosr Support 64 GB SD Card and 1TB HDD MDVR

Industrial Grade 4CH HDD Mobile DVR With 3G GPS WIFI G-senosr Support 64 GB SD Card and 1TB HDD MDVR

  • Model: KD-7000
  • Features:
  • 1.6-48V Wide Voltage Design,can bear 70V transient voltage
  • 2.Standard plug connector for vehicle vibration use
  • 3.Special Design to lock and protect the SD Card
  • 4.CMS software included for 3G live video GPS tracking
  • 5.3G GPS WIFI G-sensor support for different use
  • 6.Industrial grade housing 


This is a professional HDD Mobile DVR, Industrial level material, large capacity, HDD+SD Card 
synchronic recording, wide range voltage input, 4 channel audio and video input, many recording 
modes, super shock absorbing technology, professional UPS technology, support 3G, GPS, Wifi, 
G-sensor for extended functions, support many other extended functions ( Alarm, PTZ, LED ect. ), 
support mobile DVR monitoring remotely.

1.Adopt advanced H.264 Video compression format

2.Support multi-stream recoding, 4 video/2 audio input,

3.Image quality can be adjusted by frame rate

4.Support D1 high-resolution images.

5.Support super high low stream recording with clear image

6.Professional car power supply design, support 6V~48V wide voltage range input 

(instaneous voltage can up to 70V)

7.Provide a strong circuit protection .including DC out protection, reverse voltage protection, 

overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection etc.

8.Support 12VDC/3Amp power output, can charge for cameras and the small screen etc,

9.SD card recording: support high-capacity SD card, can protect the data lost due to the shock

make our products adjust to the scurviness situation and bad weather that other analogues can not.

10.Support automatic ON/OFF setup, many times for 1 day

11.Support unusual reboot function, protect machines & resist data-loss preferably

12.Video packaging time can be set into the independent delayed-off circuit, 

so that it can support system continued running after fire-off.

13.Support delayed-time setting

14.Support superhigh files fragmentation clearing technology and data protection

15.Support various recording modes: auto recording, alarm recording (open/close the door)etc.

16.Support recording vehicle information including running state, license and running route

17.Power-off protection for video content, automatic recovery,video lost alarm function

18.Support GPS/G-SENSRO/3G module expansion (optional)

19.Support GPS video overlapping

20.Support 3G video transmission function (optional)

21.Support super network function.

22. Support ODM functional customizing and enlargement through serial port

23. Adopt aviation A&V joint, easy operation and anti-shock

24. Support software upgrading through SD card.

25. Support customized function

26. Industrial housing design, solid and elegant

Item Description
operatingsystem Linux (2.6)
Video compression format H.264 main profile. Adopt Hisilicon Hi3512 high-performance processor
OSD Character-overlapping. Support taking the information such as logo, time, date, vehicle ID etc. as the video content
GUI graphical OSD interface can set system parameters through remote controller
video and video system Video input 1-4CH CVBS video input, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Video output 1CH CVBS video output, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Preview function support 1CH and 4CH preview format
Video resolution Support CIF、HD1、D1 (optional), Maximum support 2CH D1+ 2CH CIF
video quality 1—4 levels video quality optional, the highest: level 1, the lowest : level 4
Video rate PAL: 100 frames/s , CCIR625 line,50 field
NTSC: 120 frames/s, CCIR525 line,60 field
CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, 4 levels video quality optional
HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, 4 levels video quality optional
D1:  800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, 4 levels video quality optional
Video Streaming ISO14496-10 standard
Video mode default auto video, support time-setting video, alarm video
Audio Audio input 4ch input
Audio output 1ch output
Compression format G.726, speed 5KB/s
alarm Alarm input 6CH alarm input(level input)
support 10s before alarm and after alarm video time dynamic distribution
Alarm output 1CH alarm output(Relay output)
Communication Interface RS232,RJ45 10M/100MAdaptive network interface
wirelesstransmission Support built-in 3G wireless transmission, WCDMA, EVDO, HSPA,TD-CDMA support built-in WiFi,(GPRS, EDGE customizable).
GPS ,G-sensor built-in G-sensor,support external GPS
Video storage SD card storage Support 1pc 2.5’ HDD and 1pc SD card, SD card maximum support 32G, circulation recording,automatic switching, data automatic overwritten
Firmware upgrade Support SD card、Hard drive upgrade
File format/system ASF/ FAT32
Video playback Video Search can search video file through time, video way (alarm, general), and video storage device etc.
 playback Maximum support 4CH synchronized playback. Meanwhile analyze the vehicle information. Support fast forward, fast backward, play and pause.
support 2,4,6,8 times speed of fast forward and fast backward
Power supply and consumption Power management 1,key switch--- according to the key switch to open/close the DVR also can set into delay off  
2.time switch
Input Voltage DC:+8V ~ +36V
output Voltage +12V@2A;+5V@0.5A
overvoltage protecting UPS technology can save complete records and data when power outage and make sure no damaged document
power consumption normaloperationcondition<10W; standby mode<0.5W
Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
humidity 20% to 80%
Security Management Password Two level management: user password and Administrator Password

1.EAR port
2.Microphone port
3.Lock Slot
4.Infrared signal receiver 
5.System working indicators
6.HDD Housing 
7.Video output port   
8.Camera port(with audio, video, power)
9.3G antenna port
10.RJ40 port for network area test
11.Integrated cables with RS485 sensor cables for PTZ camera use 
12.GPS antenna port
13.Power port 8-36V
14.WIFI antenna port

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