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Vehicle Monitoring System

  • Author:Ben Chen
  • Release on :2014-10-06

Vehicle Monitoring System

Vehicle monitoring framework by car terminal, transport networks and monitoring center three networked integrated monitoring system, provide a vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, inside the vehicle real-time wireless video transmission, accident rapid response, call the command functions to solve the problem of dynamic management of existing vehicles.

1, system components

Vehicle monitoring system is mainly composed of divided: Car Terminal (includes car SD card recorder, car U-disk recorders, Car DVR, car camera, etc.), control centers, transmission networks.

Car Terminal

Vehicle terminal is the front-end equipment vehicle monitoring and management system, generally secretly installed in a variety of vehicles, vehicle terminal equipment consists of Car video servers, LCD touch screen, external cameras, handle calls, car alarm and other external devices.

Monitoring center

Dispatching control center is the core of the system is remote visual command and control management platform for all on-site vehicle monitoring, two-way audio and video interactive command, you can display the position of the vehicle and intuitive electronic map where the monitoring center, and through wireless Network monitoring vehicle settings, such as by configuring the head, front of the camera can be remotely controlled car.

At the same time enables the monitoring center of the controllable range of operating a vehicle in real-time, centralized, intuitive monitoring and dispatching, and with 110,119 Alarming center linked to the situation in a timely manner in the event of police dispatched police arrived at the scene, to protect emergency treatment efficiency.

Transmission network

With the use of a fixed wireline network monitor different car Butler terminal and a base station depends on the satellite vehicle can be monitored.

2, the system functions

Application of GPS vehicle monitoring systemReal-time trackingGlobal positioning satellite, 24 hours and can provide vehicle location via Google satellite maps, and the most detailed map of China MapABC display. The current location is displayed automatically maximize vehicle, and the first two minutes of the lane track, a map with blue lines describe the continuous automatic monitoring required to run the route of the vehicle. Automatically refresh the latest real-time view of the vehicle position.

Trajectory queries

Can any inquiries vehicle traffic at any time, as well as parking places, parking a long time, can be visually displayed on a map.

Fuel consumption management

Computing technology satellite trajectory on the mileage and fuel consumption of the vehicle at any time within the scientific management.

Security Management

Powerful anti-theft, snatches, help function to prevent outsiders or theft of the vehicle driver, to avoid even the car together with the loss of goods. And to achieve cross-border, speeding, alarm function, when the vehicle cross-border, speeding or dismantle GPS, the terminal automatically sends an SMS to the owner of the phone, be reminded.

Report statistics

Different exercise state of the vehicle when the vehicle is traveling are analyzed:

① by vehicle parking place, time reporting statistical analysis

② vehicle traffic situation report statistical analysis

③ vehicle parking stall statements, statistical analysis did not

④ traffic jam location, time reports and statistical analysis

Storage position reporting

When there is no signal or GPRS communication interruption with the monitoring center, GPS position reporting data will be stored in the device memory, GPRS connectivity again when all the stored report will be re-sent to the server using GPRS mode.

Map location marked

Can mark their own outlets, and customers place on the map, easy to operate. Marked by more outlets can determine the most efficient driving route, and can clearly know whether the vehicle is running according to regulations.

Location online inquiry

Internet search vehicles landed directly query vehicle location system, without installing any plug-in computer.

3, the system features

Monitoring system to monitor support through a variety of terminals, including PC and other clients, TV wall, mobile terminals, and have remote video viewing, remote control, multi-screen monitor, manual recording, video playback and other functions.

Monitor Client

Monitoring center via leased line connected to the telecommunications IDC room, customers can browse the various monitoring points and video cameras PTZ control functions.

Phone monitoring

Achieved through the built-in monitoring client software for 3G mobile terminals remote video viewing, remote PTZ control, video capture and other functions, to meet customer remote video viewing, remote emergency command needs, to provide customers with 3G video surveillance service anywhere.

In addition, vehicle monitoring and some other features.

First, distributed monitoring, centralized management, intelligent settings, user-friendly operation.

Second, the use of wireless video server integrated design, high system reliability.

Third, the use of dual-stream technology, local video using D1 resolution, network transmission using CIF / QVGA resolution.

Fourth, using H.264 compression coding, support multi-channel video simultaneously access, each video in the 8 to 10, the video more clearly.

Five is the transmission of wireless networks, China Mobile 3G uplink bandwidth of up to 1.8Mbit / s. Sixth, the system has strong expansion capability.

GPS monitoring and management system will be out of the bus time of the vehicle, on the way to use the time, arrival time, return time, stop time, speeding, fatigue driving, trajectory analysis, late management, access location, network management, line management, mileage statistics, fuel consumption management , statistics and other services for report analysis. Achieve humane management to the enterprise to bring more returns! Already mainstream "car steward" Monitor Positioning System has become the 3G era, it responsibility, trustworthiness, refinement, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of service to every owner, to solve their car troubles!

4, System Requirements

With the vigorous development of public transport services, public transport operators and management personnel safety during operations are increasingly being taken seriously. In addition to passenger transport across the country continue to multiply transportation disputes, but when the bus theft, robbery and other cases have occurred, these have been plaguing the bus passengers managers and public safety departments, seriously disturbed the social stability. So the market demand vehicle monitoring system and the meaning of existence can be imagined.

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