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The development tendency of the vehicle Surveillance

  • Author:Ben Chen
  • Release on :2014-12-30

We can see to develop the development tendency of the CCTV market, the vehicle surveillance towards high definition, intelligentize integrated, standardized, industry-oriented. Are as follows:

High Quality
Traditional CCTV vehicle industry mainly uses standard analog cameras plus digital video recorder architecture, the advantage is low cost. But pays little attention to other aspects of the video surveillance. With the advent of network technology and network process and vehicle tracking industry is steadily on the high-end development, many users are not only satisfied with the manual control, therefore, the intelligent control system are now much needed. The analysis system to be treated intelligent HD images intelligent effect, otherwise it is impossible to achieve intelligent processing. It is clear that high-definition image brightness brought dramatic benefits in the future vehicle monitoring. It is clear that the effect image high-definition resolution bound to the future intelligent vehicle systems trend monitoring mainstream market, which is the threshold of the vehicle control industry, which will produce a positive effect on the result of the development of the entire vehicle surveillance industry will push orderly.

The advantage of intelligentize is that it has the ability to provide more value-added applications for the special needs of surveillance vehicle industry. For example, law enforcement vehicles, roads when driving in the bumps, the image can cause jitter, image such vagueness makes it difficult for the image control personnel to obtain information and easy to feel fatigue; could, however, the intelligent movement to reducation technology to solve these problems to be successful. Meanwhile, in the bus control industry, intelligentialize could provide better assistance to such as traffic statistics, facial recognition, license plate recognition and other intelligent systems.

Because users pay more and more attention to evolved the industrial vehicle monitoring system, vehicle monitoring just basic video recording to professional video surveillance solutions. For example, in the bus industry of the bus monitor, such as a segment of the monitoring scheduling system operating throughout the vehicle, conducting video surveillance also need equipment and other systems (GPS tracking system, automatic bus-stop announcer, Swipe Card Reader , Speed ​​detection, license plate recognition) in synergy. System integration, whereby manufacturers and vehicle monitoring end market users work together to require products and integration system that could meet the needs of the market and to produce user.

The current security hardware in the CCTV industry is mature, but there is a considerable difference in the construction of software systems. The various subsystems does not match, standards are not uniform, can not integration studies. In order to better achieve openness and sharing, we need standardization. To promote industry standardization, administrations and industry manufacturers need to work together to achieve it.

Industry on the basis of
Vehicle Surveillance Systems will not only make specific design, depending on the industry, but also tailor-made for specific customer requirements. Such as buses, private cars, public security and law enforcement vehicles, taxis, etc., this calls for high-quality products and excellent and professional vehicle surveillance system solutions to meet the demand of the market and the customers.