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Taxi GPS positioning monitoring system needs analysis and building program

Chapter 1 Project Overview
1.1 Taxi GPS positioning and monitoring needs analysis
     Taxi industry is the high-risk industries worldwide. Taxi mobility, tourist complex, 24-hour operations, cash transactions, etc., become the preferred target of criminals robbery. Many cities taxi safety net is installed again demolished and also installed, it has not yet found a beautiful, safe, more humane solutions. Image GPS alarm system after an alarm occurs immediately know the location of passengers in the car photos and, for the police and the taxi company to trace the suspect to provide a strong clue that criminals will inevitably suffer the law.
     National economic prosperity, led to the rapid development of various industries. Information breeding opportunities, opportunities to create wealth. Advertising as the vanguard of economic activity has been highly recognized business and investment. The emergence of new media has brought vitality to the advertising industry. Different media sharing different needs of our advertisers, LED electronic display information transmitted wireless network under highly competitive market conditions in the advertising industry to provide a platform to highlight the unique advantages for themselves.
    Wireless Information screen, with its offline wireless receiving, storing, displaying the advantages of traditional electronic information will only be fixed location settings screen, you can not use a wide area, as media information service models to expand information for a wide range of integrated services model, make it to the comprehensive Information service direction. GPRS information screens, MSM SMS screen reliable GMS network and GPRS perfect high-capacity data transmission platform, develop their traditional wired screen can not match advantage. It not only can transmit text messages, dynamic pattern, image information, but also can achieve full-function remote far end, save a huge trench dug broken road engineering overhead. Prospects are not self-evident.
    Good advertising medium for the dissemination of information not only bring convenience, not only brought huge benefits to advertisers, businesses, more depth and expand the market to provide living space possible, and will resort to extensive public information process, in addition to audio and video, film and television media, outside the print ads, text straightforward presentation features and low and high density ad spending, all-weather features also has its unique advantages.
    Taxi wireless high-brightness LED electronic screen has its bright eye-catching, wide flow of information fast, circadian communication, information multivariate, easy to use and the salient features of the advertising industry has been highly valued insight and imagination. Xinjiang beacon designed specifically for the taxi car GPS positioning monitoring and management system

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Monitoring renderings

Chapter 2 taxi GPS scheduling management system design
2.1 taxi GPS security surveillance system design principles
When technology design taxi GPS system we follow the following principles:
● Real-time monitoring: 24 hours GPS tracking.
● Emergency alarm: the highest level of alarm, sound and light tips, manual intervention to be lifted.
● Advertising: external LED advertising screen device can achieve advertising operations.
● automatic camera: photo evidence immediately after the emergency alarm.
● play table pictures: Each playing table are for passengers evidence to prepare for the query.
● Remote monitoring: monitor car alarm center can talk, you can record when necessary.
● remotely lock your car: Center issued instructions to the vehicle GPS, automatically lock the car after parking the vehicle can not be used.
● whole record: traffic data playback and recording 12-month period.
● dispatching: support Chinese display, voice broadcast, mobile phone multiple scheduling approach.
● regional police: Vehicle traffic beyond the prescribed range immediately to the police.
● Remote Recovery: After the driver properly apply immediately unlocked car.
● High reliability: easy to damage.
● Easy maintenance: can remotely reboot allow easy maintenance.
● Compact: easy to install hidden.
● Simple: You can easily search the vehicle ,, offline vehicle separation, alarm reporting.   

2.1.1 GPS taxi dispatch management system economics
GPS taxi dispatch management system designed to minimize the cost in the case of optimal performance, seeking to maximize cost-effective; all alone software system developed to facilitate long-term cooperation, but also to ensure the economy of software systems.

2.2 GPS for taxi customized features (GPS taxi dispatch management):

2.2.1 location tracking, multi-vehicle tracking
● Instant positioning.
● Continuous recording vehicle location default 30 seconds.
● recorded parameters include: speed, location, direction of travel, alarm status.
● In the newly opened window to achieve the multi-vehicle tracking colleagues compare.

2.2.2 photographed playing table
● play table detection: GPS custom test line and meter connection empty weight of the car.
● play table pictures: the driver presses the meter, the switch is turned on the car to take pictures.

2.2.3 Emergency alarm, automatic camera
● Emergency Alarm: When the driver presses the emergency alarm button center will receive audible alarm until the lifting.
● automatic camera: After manual alarm automatically take pictures of the scene evidence, upload it to the center.

2.2.4 Remote monitoring
● wiretapping: Center sends any phone number to the vehicle computer, can be implemented to monitor the sound inside the taxi.
● monitor the recording: call monitoring center to install a telephone recorder, you can monitor the content for recording evidence.

2.2.5 advertising information release
● LED advertising screen: Taxi choose to install LED advertising screen.
● publish commercial advertising: advertising fees according to the time period, power off to save the content.
● temporary release information: LED screen is not saved after power failure.

2.2.6 Remote off oil
● Forced off oil: center based on actual case immediately issued a command vehicle engine flameout.
● hierarchical management: Advanced users can remotely off oil operations supervisor can only target. ;
● off oil recovery: send remote commands to restore normal under the center of the vehicle, unlock the car.

2.2.7 track record and playback
● Positioning track interval is adjustable from 5 to 65,535 seconds, default 30 seconds
● track up to 12 months or more, you can use the CD backup when necessary.
● track playback: You can adjust the playback speed, pause and other operations.
● used to check the travel route of the vehicle, gas stations, toll information.

2.2.8 Voice scheduling, dispatching text
● Text dispatch: Center issued the information displayed on the screen, you need to install Han was scheduling screen text.
● Voice Scheduling: Scheduling Information Center issued the player directly with a voice came out, you need to install text broadcast device,
● telephone dispatch: After installing a telephone handle, the driver can be used to make or receive calls.
● Regional Scheduling: all taxi passengers to the area where hair Paging information, the driver can reply orders.

2.2.9 out of the city police
● electronic fence: platform on the electronic map client can set up a designated area.
● Area Alarm: Alarm taxi pulled out of the city initiative to monitor the computer, in order to achieve the focus of monitoring.

2.2.10 Anti disassemble protection
● Power failure alarm: GPS is powered off after power failure alarm upload.
● Backup battery: power off the device after two hours of continuous work.

2.2.11 burglar alarm
● Alarm: vehicle anti-theft devices and original custom docking detection harness, security issue Pirates, alarm data uploaded to the center.

2.3 GPS taxi dispatch management system components
Monitoring center in the whole system, "nerve center", focus on achieving control, scheduling, pick / Alarming, image processing and other information services, and the entire system of hardware and software to coordinate management.

2.4 car terminal function
    Car responsible for data transmission between terminal and monitoring center, which is part of GPRS / CDMA public data network, so long as GSM or CDMA can cover the place, the system can be stable operation. Common features include the following:
   VPS: Fixed time continuous positioning, velocity, direction of movement and so on.
   Monitoring alarm: speeding, fatigue driving, unloading, parking and other unexpected time.
   Remote monitoring: for robbery scene after the alarm judgment.
   Off the oil: for remote lock your car in case of emergency.
   SOS Emergency: Triggered when the driver feels danger, the highest level of alert.
(Optional) Car Phone: speakerphone, handset call, call display screen (external headset).
(Optional) Text scheduling: external scheduling screen, handles and so on.
(Optional) voice broadcast: external voice broadcast device with speakers.
(Optional) Image Transfer: 1-4 camera with night vision.
(Optional) Custom alarm: the user to connect a variety of detection switches needed to trigger the alarm, such as anti-theft alarm.

Chapter 3 Monitoring Center Features
3.1 Monitoring alarm violation

● Line Alarm: vehicle exceeds a pre-planned route to the police.
● fence alarm: vehicle traffic outside the specified range alarm;
● Emergency alarm: Press the alarm switch alarm dangerous drivers, the center must manually intervene to cancel.
● speed alarm: the company exceeds the speed threshold set by uploading alarm sound and light tips.
● Custom alarm: support 1-2 Road custom alarms, such as unloading a police vehicle to pick detection switch.
● Power failure alarm: battery removal or equipment failure alarm, manual intervention must be lifted.

3.2 vehicle location tracking, multi-car simultaneously track
● Immediately positioning: name location, check the current time position of the vehicle;
● Last position: The latest initiative to upload vehicle location query
● Vehicle Tracking: continuous positioning the vehicle and draw the track on the map.
● multi-vehicle tracking: open in a new window simultaneously track to achieve the multi-car comparisons.

3.3 supports four kinds of maps
● Supports standard Mapinfor map
● Support for display of the vehicle position mark directly on the Google Map map;
● Google Map: satellite topographic map, the plane marked maps, map labeling mix.

3.4 track playback
● track data retention: track data stored on the server, regardless of the vehicle engine;
● trajectory data download: Download from server to the client computer.
● track playback: Playback vehicle trajectories over time;
● Playback pause: pause during playback, for detailed observation of a section of the driving process.

3.5 segmentation speed limit
● road division: highway, road, urban roads and other segments set different speed limit value.
● segmentation speed limit: different sections of different speeds set alarm thresholds, is speeding management more accurate.

3.6 electronic fence
● Driving Range: The vehicle has specified operating range;
● electronic fence: driving range to be converted into an electronic fence, supports rectangular, circular areas.

3.7 real-time snapshot
● ordinary camera: real-time pictures on the specified vehicle
● Multiple camera: Maximum support 4-way camera turns taking pictures
● Custom camera: using equipment provided by two custom wiring harness to achieve open, unloading and other automatic camera;
● Fixed Interval photographs: automatic camera set time intervals;
● Alarm camera: press the emergency alarm button alarm and photographs.
● Remote monitoring: In case of an emergency vehicle equipment direct dial voice monitoring card number;
● Car Phone: Advanced Configuration can add mobile phone, implementation and daily voice communications vehicle.

3.8 All alarm type description
● Emergency alarm: Press the alarm switch alarm dangerous drivers, the center must manually intervene to cancel.
● speed alarm: the company exceeds the speed threshold set by uploading alarm sound and light tips.
● Power failure alarm: battery removal or equipment failure alarm, manual intervention must be lifted.
● Custom alarm: support 1-2 Road custom alarms, such as unloading a police vehicle to pick detection switch.
● fence alarm: vehicle traffic outside the specified range alarm;
● Line Alarm: vehicle exceeds a pre-planned route to the police.
● Parking Timeout: parking exceeds the allotted time.
● idle warning: vehicle idling exceeds the allotted time.

3.9 GPS taxi dispatch management can advertising information
● The system integrates information currently popular advertising module.
● Users can collaborate on the industry to provide advertising information services, revenue sharing.
● advertising information services are the main carriers of the future profit growth point

3.10 GPS taxi dispatch management can voice broadcast, scheduling Responder module
● voice broadcast feature allows the monitoring center of mass propaganda broadcast voice messages to achieve results.
● scheduling function is the control center can publish text messages written notice
● Built reply display drivers available information, the center can be seen

Ease of operation 3.11
● You can easily search the vehicle, enter the license plate number search directly in the vehicle list.
● online and offline vehicle separate display for easy daily maintenance.
● Report statistical functions to facilitate the daily security monitoring alarm management.

3.12 Vehicle Remote Setup
● Set Query: Query internal GPS device parameter settings;
● Remote reboot: Let the device restarts, you can troubleshoot;
● Remote change IP: When the server remotely modify any reason to replace the car settings.

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