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Four Questions About the Mobile DVR - Professional Hard Disk Vehicle DVR

  • Author:Ben Chen
  • Release on :2014-12-03

In the past several years, with the growing demand of vehicle monitoring system in domestic and international market, a wide variety of Mobile DVR (Vehicle DVR) are on the market, as a segment of a traditional DVR, Mobile DVR also gain a good popularity among the CCTV Security Enterprises. 

Mobile DVR is not really a epochal new product of the times in the security industry, but speaking of the technical content, it only be able to be realized by the person who have actually acquaintance with it. 

First Question: What’s the difference between Mobile DVR and Regular DVR? 

1) Power supply design: Must support wide voltage; 
2) The seismic performance: Shockproof; 
3) Waterproof, dustproof, dust and humidity, and anti-static; 
4) Resistance to high and low temperature; 
5) Data transmission. 

Mobile DVR is designed specifically for the vehicle, taking into account the various kinds of the vehicles that may be encountered unstable voltage, extreme high/low temperature, vibration and other harsh environmental complex factors, the Mobile DVR must be stable performance in such adverse environment. Therefore, the cost of the vehicle DVR is higher than the regular DVR, so the does the value. 
Second questions: How does the Mobile DVR power supply be designed? 

Answer: To ensure the Mobile DVR is working properly, we must first ensure stable output power supply board. 
Under the fixed environment with narrow voltage range, due to the input voltage and current is basically stable, moreover the electrical side, the output power determine the input power, so the regular DVR only require a power adapter, an adapter is nothing less than a transformer plus a filter circuit, plus a protection circuit.

But for the Mobile DVR, the first thing to do is to narrow the dynamic voltage and current refinement. In order to ensure the Mobile DVR working properly, a stable voltage and current is very important. But on the other hand, the input power of the device is fixed, W = U * I shows that when the voltage change, the current will changing too, Meanwhile, the change of the voltage and current direction is always the opposite. So if you start doing the voltage is low, relative to the starting current will be increase. The macro looks so simple, but takes a lot of work to make this function stable and ensure the normal operation, first of all is to protect the design of the circuit, after all the power strip of the Mobile DVR will be subjected to hundreds of times shock within one hour. If the protection circuit is not in good condition, it may lead to the main board burned out when the power breakdown power supply board directly, or in lesser cases, the power board will be damaged. 

Regular DVR use AC 220V, voltage and current stability are relatively stable, meanwhile, due to the fixed position and using environment of regular DVR are relatively stable, therefore, little chance of vibration, so the regular DVR vibration resistance is negligible. But the Mobile DVR is quite different. First of all, the vehicle’s voltage and current are completely unlike the regular situation, the voltage usually are 12 or 24V, but in fact, 12V car is impossible regulated 12V, 24V of the same. What’s more, different kinds of vehicles, condition of the vehicles, and different driving state, may lead to different output voltages, such as the car engine ignition, acceleration and climbing, the voltage will instantly change increases, some large trucks in the ignition and running, instantaneous voltage even up to the 60V! To protect the mobile DVR not be burned out, and still able to continue to work properly under such environment, the superior design of the power supply board is vital important and it required taking many aspects into account. 

Our company adopts professional power design for vehicle, which can support 6 ~ 48V a wide voltage range, transient voltage can withstand up to 70V. Along with a variety of protective circuit protection, such as reverse voltage protection, overload voltage protection, short circuit protections and so on, suitable for a variety of vehicles. In addition, the unique UPS technology ensures the integrality of record when power failure occurs, even up to 10-15s, and that ensures the integrity of video files to facilitate accident inquiry.

Third questions: How does the shockproof of the Mobile DVR be realized? 

Answer: Shockproof Design is very important for the Mobile DVR, that white is actually how to protect the hard disk and keep the MDVR working properly. Because the current hard drives are mechanical hard drive shaft, only a few microns away from the head and the disk, if with the naked eye, the head is attached to the disk, but even if you do not know the hard disk you should understand that 5400 RPM hard drive to be rotated at least 90 times per second, if the head is attached to the top, and before long, grinding head was gone. So close, if seismic done, as long as there are so head trembling a little, ranging from hard disk damage, while a head crash (hard disk term). So hardware anti-vibration is very important.

As to our Mobile DVRs, there are two types of well-designed anti-shock technology measures: 
The first type: three physical shock absorption, two electronic shock absorption; 
Three physical shock absorption, the outer layer of plastic injection level, able to cope with a significant low-frequency vibration; secondary hard disk is still in limbo, a small high-frequency vibration response; third is damping the board, from the PCB materials and equipment and the design of carefully selected and improvement.
The second type: all silicone protection, so that the entire hard disk in a suspended state;
The second type protection device even allows the MDVR installation on end, as we all know, the hard drive must be installed flat mostly.

Fourth questions: How does the HDD Mobile DVR hard disk fault-tolerant error correction working? 

Answer: Since the Hard Disk come out, the hard disk fault-tolerant error correction capability is a problem both in the IT hardware industry and the software industry and still has been trying to solve. For an embedded system, to make a perfect design of fault-tolerant error correction is very difficult! But for embedded systems design intent in terms of: embedded system has always been to pursue better stability and speed of execution and design, but there is a problem cannot be ignored, that is the poor portability, resulting in a design once be done it is impossible to have too big changes. So it's the first design ideas is very important. Fault-tolerant embedded systems for hard disk error correction, the current effective way to control the ability to read and write. Our electronic error correction technology has considerably reduced the loss rate of key frames.

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