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Vehicle CCTV Monitor System Installation

  • Author:Ben Chen
  • Release on :2015-01-12

In order to adapt to the continuous development of urban transport improvement and social order, modern management of transport vehicles have been put on the agenda, the establishment of a unified, efficient, smooth, wide coverage, a universal 3G transport vehicles monitoring and dispatching system is very it is necessary.

Installation of surveillance cameras in the main function is that it is mainly divided into the following six-point analysis for everyone:

1, passengers and driver can't switch video recording or deleting data;

2, can store 30 days of video data;

3, the management staff to inquire about the video data over time;

4, an important video data can be backed up to other mobile hard disk or CD-ROM, video backup on the need for tips;

5 requires a clear definition video playback is able to clearly identify the perpetrator characteristics and behavior, can be used as evidence in court; and

6, requires a power-saving function, can not affect the launch vehicle to power loss the next day.

First, the surveillance camera installation instructions

Surveillance cameras were installed in the car side mirrors, front door, back door, all vehicle-specific wide-angle camera, even if there is no light in the night, but also to ensure the situation to see; the front camera: Install the driver's seat in the upper left, The main monitor driver behavior and passengers up and down the front door, you can monitor passenger coin, credit card or ticketing process, to prevent fare evasion and theft of passengers ticketed behavior. Here you can configure the microphone (microphone) to achieve simultaneous video recording conversations between the driver and passenger; backdoor Camera: The camera is mounted on top of the back door of the car, the monitoring range is the rear compartment and the back door, you can monitor and record the car back door circumstances, to prevent entrapment of passengers and prevent accidents criminals committing the crime; the car side mirror cameras: installed near the rearview mirror, you can monitor the entire car, the prevention of theft and assault incidents, to protect the safety of passengers .

Two,4 channel mobile DVR installation instructions

Car video recorder installed in the seat or luggage rack, pay attention to the following points when installing: car video recorder needs to take power from the battery, not connected to the engine; car video recorder must be firmly fixed; car video recorder can not be installed close to the engine ( too hot) or unable to heat the place, but also pay attention to the anti-high-temperature water.

Vehicle DVR is designed specifically for the automotive field of security of the new video surveillance equipment. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system that combines the latest in IT field H.264 audio and video compression / decompression technology, network technology, advanced automotive power management technology for 24-hour surveillance in all types of vehicles. Can synchronize audio and video recording, Wi-Fi network ports you can add modules to enable wireless transmission of audio and video, as well as set aside RS232 interface on the host, you can add GPS satellite positioning module or products, give full consideration to the needs of the user's extension. Product appearance of small compact, low power consumption, no noise, flexible installation, the system is stable, and can be widely used in buses, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, freight logistics, police vehicles, trains, subways, ships, aircraft and other mobile vehicles .

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