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The present industry situation and demand of Police DVR

  • Author:Sylvia
  • Release on :2016-10-10

The present industry situation and demand


Now the police car are install with wireless intercom device, but there is no more efficient supervision for private police car, over-speed, illegal operation, case fair degree, malicious complaints and other questions. So it is important to use the mobile audio/video and GPS positioning device to add then complete the system.


For the police car that not install mobile video monitoring device and the law enforcement offers who not equipped with portable recorder, there are many problems in the police car management and law enforcement. The details are as follow:


1. How to improve the police’s response speed

2. How to prevent illegal vehicle and non-police vehicle

3. How to ensure the transparency of law enforcement

4. How to protect the police and public’s benefits



After installing the mobile police video surveillance system and through the 4G/3G remote transmission monitoring, public security center can manage the police car effectively and achieve a full range real-time monitoring and record for accident scene and law enforcement process. It provides a powerful basis and security for the police vehicle management, emergency command handle, event corresponding speed and transparent law enforcement. It also improve the police’s work efficiency, solve the problem of lacking police force then reach a police training strategy and objectives.


The mobile police video surveillance command system can keep track and record all the law enforcement scene, including the police, the location, speed, the law enforcement processing or scene and other information. It can transport the audio or video to the command center then the supervisor can know the situation of all the police car and law enforcement scene inside the door, command, control, manage and monitoring in any time. It can effectively solve the puzzle of lacking police force and improve the respond speed of emergency, the video recording can be used as enforcement evidence and protect the legal rights of the police and public when there is an violence against law enforcement and injustice law enforcement incident; it can be used as detection data and forensic evidence; improve the transparency of law enforcement and reduce some malicious complaints o the police, etc,.