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The Prospect of Vehicle Surveillance- Mobile DVR Vehicle Security and Monitor System

  • Release on :2015-01-27
Abstract: From the present Vehicle Surveillance Applications point of view, mainly in the highway freight vehicles, buses, law-enforcement vehicles of the government departments, oil trucks and so on. Currently, the vehicle monitoring applications has a significant growth in the bus, school bus and coach...

In the early days of new China, we just started the first time step of the automobile industry, but after 30 years of development, it enters into a rapid development period in the 21st century. Now China owns a scale of more than 240 million vehicles, of which Highway operating vehicles has reached 13,398,900. With the development of high-speed rail and metro, passenger transport market has declined slightly in recent years, but the freight vehicles to maintain its growth.

Dangerous security applications currently run from the car, mainly in highway commercial vehicles (such as buses, taxis, school buses, buses, etc.), government departments, law enforcement vehicles (such as police enforcement, patrol vehicles, etc.), petrochemical goods vehicles (such as tankers, dangerous goods vehicles, etc.). Vehicle monitoring which currently has a significant growth in the bus, school bus and passenger car applications, especially in the bus, passenger areas, massive government implemented the "transit first" policy, in order to monitor the implementation of transit transport vehicles as opportunities. Meanwhile the Ministry of Transportation regulations since August 1, 2011, "two off a crisis" new vehicle factory, the factory should be installed in front of the vehicle in line with "road transport vehicles satellite positioning system car terminal technical requirements" (JT / T794-2011) of GPS devices, but also for the automotive security applications has played a catalytic role. 

Along with vehicle security equipment Mounted on the vehicle continued to increase the number, the demand for vehicle management, operation and management of the needs of the enterprise is constantly increasing, which is the functional requirements of automotive management platform more and more. 

First, the public transportation industry characteristics and monitoring requirements

From the current development situation, the public transportation industry system presents some characteristics: relatively centralized scheduling management center, but buses located in every corner of the city; public transportation system personnel mobility, high traffic; information on many types of data collection: not only to monitor the condition of passengers, but also to collect operational state of the vehicle, real-time acquisition of various alarm signals; demanding real-time scheduling, real-time scheduling instructions issued inferior. According to the characteristics of the above transit systems, bus systems for vehicle monitoring system applicationThe demand is mainly reflected in the following three areas: 

1. Enhance public safety. 

Bus system with the number of people and mobility features, while the bus robbery, theft, sexual harassment and other incidents frequently, forensics detection difficult. Video surveillance systems used in buses, to preserve evidence of a crime, help solve the case, and security management provides a powerful tool. City bus video surveillance security monitoring as an important part of the security system and public security supplement, to improve urban security environment plays an important role. 

2. ease urban traffic brought about by the increasingly busy traffic pressure. 

With the increasing number of urban transport, urban traffic pressure has increased considerably, vehicle monitoring systems in the public transportation system applications, not only as a function of monitoring, but also play a role in scheduling. With the proposed ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) concept vehicle monitoring system monitoring traffic conditions throughout the city can be presented in the information center monitoring and management platform to keep abreast of road conditions, to facilitate the timely scheduling of transportation and counseling. Can accurately dispatch vehicles to improve public transport efficiency. 

3. Bus enterprise operations management needs. 

For passengers to supervise the work and management is one of the purposes bus vehicle monitoring applications. In the bus operators which, due to the uneven quality of the drivers and passengers, private income ticketed to fake tickets invalidated and uncivilized irregularities traffic situation around. Fare was misappropriated and irregularities caused by traffic accidents, to the bus company caused great losses. Vehicle monitoring system used in buses, can well prevent this phenomenon, increase business efficiency, urban transport systems and public transportation to reach win-win business results. 

Second, the video surveillance system deployment

According to Bus vehicle monitoringThe actual requirements, building standards and security needs of the anti-technology, combined with the actual situation, Dahua in transit vehicle monitoring system project design, based on the "scalable small digital video integrated monitoring system" technology in design, this system covers bus company in vehicle monitoring in common functional requirements, such as: all aspects of audio and video surveillance, alarm input, alarm output, intelligent device control, and set aside intelligent hardware and software interface, you can easily expand the system functionality without require too much investment to increase the system, with high reliability and security, consistent with ISO / OSI Open Systems Interconnection standards. 

The whole system is divided into three, the first one is the device on the vehicle, referred to in-vehicle terminal system, including Mobile DVR, Car Camera And numerous add-on modules; second block is in the middle of the network, wireless networks and wired networks; the third block is a control center, including video walls, storage devices and platform management software. 

1. Car Terminal System 

Terminal system by the camera, car DVR, alarm module, wireless module and GPS module. Camera is responsible for collecting video data, audio pickup is responsible for collecting information, car DVR is encoded and processed by the geographic information encoded data and the GPS module receives through the wireless module to the remote command and dispatch center. General requirements for the end product has to adapt to the car power supply, seismic and other requirements. 

2. The network transmission 

Because the vehicle is moving in real time, so the vehicle monitoring systems typically are used for uploading vehicle data wirelessly. Currently 3G networks into wireless networks, 4G networks and Wifi network three. 3G network construction by the operator, covering a wide range of mobile transmission effect is good, but the low-bandwidth, high costs. 4G network is building by the operator, the current signal coverage is limited, but higher bandwidth, better mobile transmission effect, the cost is very high. Wifi network by using a self-built square, with a high bandwidth, low cost advantages, but limited coverage, high-speed mobile transmission poor results. Wifi network monitoring systems to do with 3G, 4G network automatically switches to fully utilize Wifi, 3G, 4G network advantage, reduce operating costs while improving the transmission efficiency. 

3. Monitoring Center 

Monitoring center by the display systems, storage systems, and platform software. 

Display system: complete real-time image browsing, pop-up alarm images, electronic map display. 

Storage system: complete image storage, alarm snapshot picture storage and other functions; 

Platform software is the core of the whole system, the whole system will be completed on the platform presentation and user interface functions. 

Third, the application of the problems that need attention 

Vehicle monitoring application system is mainly used in the vehicle, Mobile DVR Application environment and the general DVR are very different, so for Car DVR applications need to fully consider the following questions: 

1, shock resistance 

Due to the different condition, road conditions, anti-shock technology has become a basic requirement for monitoring host. These include a number of links to the whole shock absorption, cushioning the hard drive rack, hard damping, etc., to achieve the overall monitoring host damping treatment. Damping in these sectors, the hard disk is the most important shock absorber. This is due to the monitoring host the most vulnerable components is hard, if the hard disk once damaged, it can not be stored inside the vehicle situation, so the hard drive shock absorber problem is particularly important. 

2. Power Safety 

Equipment used in the car requires professional car wide voltage power supply, voltage adapt to a variety of vehicles to meet the range: 8V - 36V. With overvoltage, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection and overcurrent protection; while monitoring the host using low-power design, effectively reduce the burden of the car battery, so the vehicle electrical systems more secure, not to adversely affect the normal use of the vehicle . 

3, a powerful network function 

Video board equipment needs to be adopted, vehicle information, GPS information is uploaded to the monitoring center, needs the help of 3G, 4G network, the 3G, 4G network tariff is relatively expensive, so for automotive equipment requires a strong network capacity, reduce 3G, 4G network usage to save cost. So for Car DVR, it needs to have the following network features: 
★ network adaptive:The wireless network with limited bandwidth and connection unstable conditions and automatically adjust the network coding and transmission strategy, to adapt to different network conditions; 

 Remote Management: a variety of alarm information reporting and device network settings, upgrade and maintenance management functions; 

 HTTP: HTTP support wireless download function, the status quo is more suitable for wireless networking applications; 

 Network switch: automatic switching 3G / WiFi networks, effective use of network advantage. 

Fourth, the future direction and development of applications 

Because of the mobility of the vehicle, the vehicle user remote video monitoring, vehicle GPS Beidou satellite positioning, as well as the needs of the host and scheduling data exchange platform is particularly urgent. With the growing popularity of 4G, 3G networks, network bandwidth doubled to meet the high frame rate, high image quality video data transmission requirements. Old bicycle with local video-based vehicle video surveillance solution gradually to the systematic, network-based, platform-oriented development. 

At the same time the national advocate for green travel, energy saving requirements and the bus company for its own operating costs, efficiency requirements will demand data for the vehicle, the driver operates the habits of data collection and analysis, through the acquisition of vehicles running state, such as fuel consumption, mileage and other information, and the information acquisition operation of the driver, after the driver's operation of the quantization, and analyzed by the mathematical model, gives a quantitative standard, combined with vehicle information, can be given optimum driving maneuver, bus company to help improve operational efficiency.

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