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The Operating Principle and Application Case of the Mobile DVR

  • Author:Ben Chen
  • Release on :2014-12-25

First, the application range of Mobile DVR

  In the current transportation industry, often due to poor regulation to bring economic losses and loss of reputation. For example, when Secretary of passengers and passengers with contradictions and disputes have occurred; and passengers is not strong sense of service, ill other direct adverse effect to the company's image; carrying passengers over the station, private money thing, money not to vote such acts allow enterprises to gain greatly reduced. Closed-circuit video surveillance system installed onboard the vehicle can be the case (and passengers and passengers) to form an effective monitoring of the behavior of embezzlement of public funds to create an effective control, you can check whether the drivers are illegal and illegal operations. Can effectively improve the quality of service, enhance economic efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of road transport, to create a high level of management and service quality brands.

    Public Safety serious incidents of vehicles, can severely affect people's choice of car lines. Especially long distance bus travel time, distance, and more staff from top to bottom, when crimes have occurred, the way roadblockers theft, robbery, pilfering and other serious incidents great influence offenders who commit crimes, not easy to find the evidence, there is no convincing evidence handling and mediation are quite tricky. Closed-circuit video surveillance system installed onboard deter wrongdoing can occur, protection of personal and property safety of passengers and passengers, the video data can be used as evidence of the crime of criminal investigation.

 Mobile DVR Solutions

    Specific applications include:

    Buses, long-distance bus

    Monitoring ticketed while driving, behavior monitoring and passengers;

    Passengers in the event of injury, theft, robbery and other accidents, audiovisual preservation of evidence;

    After the accident proof audiovisual materials.

    Police car

    Police officers on duty to save the video work, to facilitate post-mortem analysis of evidence;

    Crime scene personnel, vehicles and so on video.

    Logistics vehicles, trucks

    Cargo loading, transportation and unloading process video surveillance, burglar;

    Charge money cars, fire engines, ambulances

    Security monitoring, surveillance duty work.

    School buses, taxis, private cars

  Proof of insurance claims, theft, snatches.


Second, the Mobile DVR works

   Richmor Mobile DVR with embedded operating system, the system's operating system and DVR perfect combination of a direct call to the hardware to accelerate the reaction time and increase the speed and reduce the unnecessary extras.

   Richmor Mobile DVR devices are integrated on the motherboard, unlike ordinary security surveillance video recorder, the low-frequency vibration, dust and other good ability to adapt to harsh environments.

   Richmor Mobile DVR with high antiviral, due to the use of professional hardware and software, data storage chip, read-only, can not write, and the features of the software that came with very little virus unable to invade.

    Mobile DVR do a steady and stable operating system in addition to the outside must also address the following issues:

    1,Wide voltage stabilityThe car has a voltage instability, fuel door, battery aging and other operations will affect the car voltage fluctuations, as low as 6V, up to 70V. Car DVR does not have a super wide voltage is not working properly in the car, there are often crash, no video, serious burn the motherboard, power panels, cameras and even other equipment on board. Tateiwa Car DVR on the power handling done a lot of work, the machine can work properly 7V to 40V, with a stable 12V / 4A voltage output for the camera and used car display. Our commitment if the voltage 6V to 70V on our machines will not have any impact, welcome to the test, any problems we bear all the responsibility.

  2,Professional shock treatment, Mainly in the low-frequency vibration-based board, the majority of vehicles in order to 20HZ-40HZ main shock,Earthquake handled properly can cause car crashes DVR, restart, hard disk does not work, throw video segments and other issues. Tateiwa Car DVR on earthquake made a very professional treatment, mainly in two ways: First, the hardware, the hard drive and the whole shock of silicone pads are their own mold design, with anti-low-frequency vibration, the board has adopted a non-welded plug wire, wire connectors all have locks. Second, the software, independent research and development of DVR software has MPFS (multiple protection File System) file system and data high error correction capabilities.

  3,Suitable machine structures carBad car environment,Heat, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-fold, anti-pressureIs a mustConsider.Washing may make water into other devices on the car, the driver, conductor, passengers and other personnel on the machine off, smashing, pressure and other damage, VCR work generates a lot of heat, the car generates a lot of dust, etc. These issues will affect the Car DVR to work, if any of these problems is a problem not well addressed and resolved, will be a failed car DVR. Tateiwa Car DVR based on the actual situation in the design of a car Car DVR chassis, using steel manufacturing firm, after the appearance of no removable locking wire bond, before using waterproof ventilation shutters; internal Car DVR all-aluminum shell, machine using vortex chimney vent pipes played effects on the motherboard additional aluminum dust, heat.

    4,Facilitate managementA large number of vehicles, a large amount of video data for each car, if you can not do quick and easy to find, read, will be caused to the user and requires a lot of staff time to manage. Tateiwa Car DVR video files compatible with FAT32 format, the information can be read directly by the computer hard disk reader, video data file name to the date, time, plus the license plate number to name, license plate number can be superimposed on the video data, time, GPS information, and date, video and data to support CF card copy.


Third, Richmor Mobile DVR Features

1, Richmor Mobile DVR physical map


2, Richmor Mobile DVR advantage

    Reliable Power:Within the range of 7V to 40V can be stable, strong anti-interference, with reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection (70V withstand high pressure);

    Flex earthquake:Using hard disk box hanging shock protection, special low-frequency seismic silicone pad, multiple file system protection;

    Powerful Cooling:Thermally best aluminum material, the whole play a chimney vent pipe vortex effect;

    Waterproof and dustproof:Chassis with front and rear louvered ventilation structure, motherboards additional dust, heat the aluminum;

    Prevent damage:Chassis anti-demolition, damage, without any external removable screw can withstand strong external force;

    Flexible Control:Can be set to boot time, time off with; available ignition signal control startup and shutdown time delay;

    HD video:When up to D1 (704x576) effects, four single-channel video recording at CIF (352x288) effect; Recording: support continuous recording, schedule recording, alarm triggered recording, can be set to automatically start recording, automatic door video; * [ Good News: There has been successfully developed to support the production of the latest720P And1080P HD 4-way car video recorder SD card and can support up to 1TB HDD DVR. ]

    Duplex function:Supports playback of high-definition DVD-quality advertising, entertainment, video surveillance when playing at the same time;

    Information Record:Support vehicle, driving state records, can be synchronized with the recording speed and license plate number;

    Has a speed alarm function, reversing signal to trigger video switching functions;

    6-channel sensor signal input, can simultaneously display and record the brakes, steering, siren and other traffic condition;

    Easy to manage:Compatible with FAT32 format, the information can be read directly on the computer, and convenient.


Fourth, the actual use of Mobile DVR

   1,Wiring Mobile DVR's

   Mobile DVR using DC power input, the input voltage range is DC 7V ~ 40V.

   Note: car video recorder must take power directly from the car battery or rafts to take power from the car before the bus.

 1) Use the ignition switch controls the VCR power connection examples:

  Above wiring method has delayed shutdown function for ignition signal to control the VCR using the power situation. Recorder power connections as shown above. When setting the delay time of 0 seconds off, if the ignition switch is off, the main power supply is disconnected immediately VCR, VCR into standby mode; when the shutdown time delay setting is not 0, if the ignition switch is off, the VCR will The length of time is still set to work, then the main power disconnect VCR into standby mode.

Note: Please set the shutdown delay timer switch is set to delete the contents.

2) All-weather boot 24 hours Connection example:

  Above wiring method can be set to boot time recorders, time off. During the shutdown period, the VCR is in standby mode.

  Note: The regular boot and shutdown timer inside the data should be set correctly (eg: Power Off 08:30 21:30). Set a timer switch, delay off Set to 0.

  Note Do not delay timer switch off duplicate, only one set.


    2, Mobile DVR installation methods and precautions

 ⑴. Mobile DVR (Vehicle DVR) installation environment should meet the following:

    ①. Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃.

    ②. Relative humidity: <90%.

 ⑵. Select the installation location, reasonable installation location is conducive to future maintenance. Under normal circumstances should fully consider these issues before they can determine the fixed position of DVR:

    ①. Strong resistance and damping performance of the host fixed position.

    ②. Connection location of the power lines.

    ③. The alignment direction of the video cable and power cord.

    ④. Are easy to connect the signal line driving status.

    ⑤. Installation location should be ventilated, waterproof, dustproof, away from the engine.

    ⑥. Are easy to extract the hard drive.

  ⑦. Conditioning of the wind can not be positive for the host to prevent the host internal hydrocephalus.

 ⑶. When the above-identified, the next step is the machine's power supply circuit is connected with the car:

    ①. Identify the car when connecting circuits, which are often distinguish electricity, which is controlled by the ignition switch circuit.

    ②. If it is removed from the vehicle's battery power alone must distinguish the master switch control of the car is that the battery pole.

    ③. If it is negative and the body will have to do a host isolation and ensure insulation.

    ④. Connected in series between the circuit can be connected after the identification of the power of positive and Car DVR standard red line fuse and fuse away from Car DVR.

    ⑤. Between the connector must be firmly connected to the battery power wire must be 5 mm or more.

    ⑥. If the distance between the power supply and battery Car DVR 8 meters in diameter than it used to be a standard 5 mm or more. Ensure adequate power supply Car DVR.

 ⑷. Ignition signal cable: from the control of power when we call the ignition key to open the car line, then we can be docking with MDR yellow can.

 ⑸. The last one is the DVR ground, in the car we call Ground line. To find a line connected with the body can be connected.

 ⑹. If you do not have to be controlled by the ignition switch, it can put a red line Car DVR with yellow line and then connected together.

 ⑺. Then we can begin to install the camera:

    ①. Wire: 75 ohm coaxial cable.

    ②. In the final installation should pay attention BNC welding must be firm.

    ③. Meanwhile in the wiring to be taken to ensure that the insulation body and lines, but also pay attention to isolate the power and video cables, and avoid jamming.

    ④. Camera power supply is recommended when connected directly cut butt. Avoid contact sometimes produce bad image caused by the loss of the phenomenon.

   Based on the above considerations, please install Car DVR, Car DVR during the installation process is very important firmly fixed, if fixed is not strong, ranging from damage to the hard disk while in the internal short circuit board burned out, in the course we have to be careful not to make water into the machine.

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