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World Premiere - a revolutionary material vehicle remote video surveillance system 3G / 4G car video

  • Author:Chen Gang
  • Release on :2015-01-16

"I've been waiting for you for a long time, such as late at night waiting for the dawn," late encounter always surprise. Decade of sword,Shenzhen, Ding Ying Technology Co., Ltd.Recently launched a re-definition of vehicle monitoring in the field of new high trend3G / 4G car video recorder. This product is either in the user interface, or a practical function has new definitions and enhanced.

In interface design Division I hire a professional art team designed the current popular Win8 style, flat design ideas, in terms of appearance, intuitive, or convenience, have the kind of vehicle monitoring in the field of complex operation to achieve a revolution to a revolutionary breakthrough surgery .
The combination of functional areas of the vehicle monitor the latest changes in technology and market demand, redefining automotive voice, video, data flow, and other functions, but the first time FTP, voice telephony and other surveillance technology to the car, making it easier to manage remotely from the vehicle.


Either of interface design to operational experience, or from the kernel to the application device is the overthrow of the previous model, a detailed description of the new vehicle monitoring, vehicle monitoring equipment, towards a more humane, more convenient, more diverse a major step forward on the road, which will inevitably lead to another important change in surveillance vehicle.

Re extensive menu definition, the pursuit of the ultimate user experience

Whether it is in the same end-user in the area of ​​digital, or a variety of applications, the aim: it is intuitive, faster and simpler. 

The new UI settings, the new menu structure, the new operating experience (big-screen experience better).

Interface color changed in the past monotonous gray color, the use of color-interface, in order to improve better visual experience of the user. 
Tree menu pattern changed completely embedded in the past in the menu mode, fully done what you see is known, more convenient and faster. 

Fewer keys on the keyboard, completely subvert the past troublesome key operation. 
The use of new technologies, so the menu faster response than in the past the past. 

The use of new technology, new features, easier to manage. 
Videos that have already been assigned: 
A comprehensive solution to the problem of fragmentation reserve recording device in the past, to improve response speed storage devices, the improvement of the playback of video fluently. Reduce storage erase frequency, increase the service life of the storage device.

SMS command:
By SMS instruction Remote preconfigured to change device parameters, review the operation of the equipment, you can see the status of equipment and faults running look.

FTP Remote Upgrade:
A change in the past manual upgrade, remote equipment upgrades, more important is the use of new FTP technology has changed in the past after a failed upgrade helpless situation for even more secure remote upgrade.

Fully compatible with Beidou, the Ministry of standard protocol, compatible expansion between better equipped
Since the state ofBeidou navigationMore and more attention, I think more and more vehicles are required to install the Beidou navigation, just to fulfill the purpose of market demand for the Beidou navigation, our company through a wide range of technical tests and trials, the Beidou navigation module has been successfully integrated into the new device.

4G technologyIt will also in the future of popular communication technology, whether it is voice, video mode 4G have to achieve a great leap, a qualitative improvement.
Adding a variety of underlying protocols, thus expanding applications seamlessly greater wealth vehicle management tool.
Fully compatible with the Ministry of standard protocols, enabling integration of different devices stable and flexible.

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