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FAQ for 4Channel 3G Mobile DVR KD-8000 & KD-500 (1) 3G Relative Questions

FAQ for 4Channel 3G Mobile DVR KD-8000 & KD-500 (1) 3G Relative Questions

1) Q: 3G can’t transmit data
A: 3G can’t transmit data. Possible reason is as follows:
a) Has no connect 3G antenna;
b) Has not inserted SIM card;
c) Some wireless settings in Setup menu are not correct. Such as: have not open wireless
dial-up, 3G protocol setting is not correct, APN setting is not correct etc.
d) Center server setting is not fully correct. Such as: center IP position is not correct;
e) PC configuration is not correct. Such as gateway router in PC has not port mapping;
2) Q: Can 3G remote preview and local record proceed synchronously?
A: can realize real-time preview and local video record storage in the control center.

3) Q: How is the 3G transmission rate?
A: As per the 3G band width in different country, For now EVDO used in China can realize
4CH synchronized transmission, 15 frame/CH

4) Q: what’s the delay time of 3G remote preview?
A: transmission delay within 2s-10s, depends on the bandwidth

5) Q: How can download video files through 3G?
A: can realize download files by manual way