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Recalling the Unforgetable Days - Alibaba:Gobi Desert-The Silk Road Hiking

Recalling the Unforgetable Days - Alibaba:Gobi Desert-The Silk Road 

It is a special time for all member of Shenzhen chamber of E-commerce at that time
one years ago. Our company China Mobile DVR Manufacture, K-Ding Technology Co., a member of Shenzhen chamber of E-commerce, also participated in the activity
of Alibaba:Gobi Desert-The Silk Road Hiking.

We are all very excited when we set out.

Beautiful weather, Good mood.
How beauty the yellow sand is!
The first day, our mind are filled with curiousity and felt very excited, didn't
feel tired at all. 

But in the second day, the weather turned bad, we suffered sand storm. Actually, it's
normal in the Gobi Desert.
We just go straight ahead and never know what will be happened in the previous trip.
However there is only one belief in our deep heart: Keep going on, Never give up!
It's very easy to lost our way in these bad weather, so we should walk together.
Like an African probverb saying "If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to
go far, walk together" We are a team!

In the Gobi Desert, we always encounter the small tornado, in which we have no
choices buy to stand silently and endure it raged from us.

We appreciate the scenery along the way, there is no large tracts of green
vegetation, but not desolate, instead, let us feel very spectacular.
This is our company's logo, with it, and move forward with us
We are K-Ding, the best team!
Night fell, we set up tents and rest for a night, ready to meet the challenges of
the next day.

The last day of hikingm we are so tired, but we also very happy, because the
destination si not far away. With the gorgeous sunset, everything turns beauty! 
Finally, we arrived the destination, tired, excited or happiness? 
No wards could describe our mood! 

Alibaba:Gobi Desert-The Silk Road Hiking-We finanlly made it! We get it! We
succesfully challenged ourselves. No matter what difficults will we meet in the
future, we'll never afraid! And we believe we'll overcome from it and achieve more
in the future! 

Never give up, never lose hope!