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4G Applied in Vehicle Monitoring, High Definition Vehicle CCTV Will Soon Come True

  • Author:Ben Chen
  • Release on :2015-01-20
Nowadays, the development of Video Surveillance has entered into the era of big networking, ultra-high definition video surveillance, mass data transmission and other security applications, high bandwidth communications inseparable Technology Support. The investment and promotion of 4G Mobile communication technology are created a good environment for high-definition video surveillance industry.

4G Applied in Vehicle Monitoring, High Definition Vehicle CCTV Will Soon Come True 

4G has the advantages of faster in communication and transmission, wider spectrum of network, more flexible when communication and more intelligent in performance, compatibility are more smooth, providing a variety of value-added services, to achieve a higher quality of multimedia communications, higher frequency usage efficiency, communication costs Cheaper and so on.

The 4G Impact of network technology in the security industry mainly lies in remote wireless video surveillance. Wireless technology is the key to the speed of information transmission. For a long time, the performance of wireless transmission network greatly restricted the development of the security industry, with opening of the 4G communication technology era, enable us to to get rid of the restrictions cable transmission, breaking the transmission performance of the network security industry constraints.

4G Era, Streaming Media Technology is the key technology to video transmission. Streaming Media Technology enable the users don't need to take a long time to download all the data before they can play, but takes only a few seconds, the data will start to download to a local buffer, and will receive a steady stream of data back to the input buffer so as to maintain the continuity of playback. Streaming media system is much more complex than the download and play system, it needs to be a multimedia codec and transmission technologies work well together to ensure that users in a complex network environment can also get a more stable playback quality.

It is predictably, with the deepening of the 4G network construction, and the 4G Wireless Communication Technologies constantly improving, therefore, 4G applied in Vehicle Monitoring, will bring a profound impact in the vehicle surveillance industry, especially in high-definition video surveillance, data transmission, data storage etc. There is no doubt that the application of the 4G technology will drive HD Network Video Monitor into a new phase.

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