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How to deal with mobile high-definition monitor prospects into key

  • Source:Zhongguancun Online
  • Release on :2016-09-19

The Internet has changed the world, in a rapidly changing Internet era, network really changing information industry changes. With the Internet business gradually from a PC-centric to mobile phones and other mobile terminals centric transformation, moving Internet information industry has entered a new development period. In recent years, the video surveillance industry with the rapid development of network technology, the ongoing series of product updates and upgrades, based on mobile networks and intelligent terminal hair Exhibition of mobile video surveillance security industry will also serve as a new growth point, to lead the future.

Characteristics of mobile video surveillance

A mobile video surveillance via mobile phone or computer anywhere, anytime remote monitoring, everything under control! You can use the phone or computer to see shops, office situation. No matter where you are, can easily manage! You can view the situation at home, pets, children and the elderly through the phone or computer.

2 When Intelligent Alarm abnormal conditions (such as fire, theft alarm, gas leak, etc.), the system automatically sends you a MMS or email to your designated e-mail, you can see that information in the first place and take prompt measures. Saving you from security worries!

3 smart appliance control anywhere, touch the phone or computer keyboard keys, you can switch home appliances.

Prospects for mobile video surveillance applications

Mobile video surveillance system with flexible, can-go monitoring features. Therefore, in some remote areas could not lay wires application areas mountains, forests, river basins, etc., or as a temporary supervisor Control sites, there is no need to lay wires too late, the traditional wired surveillance simply can not meet the need, only to meet the needs of mobile video surveillance. Wireless mobile monitoring is a real "telescope", "ears", because This has a traditional monitor incomparable and irreplaceable advantages, especially in the bus, subway, emergency command, field maintenance of stability, on-site law enforcement and other applications, very attractive prospect.

We gratifying to see that in favor of network transmission while moving toward universal development of surveillance technology, mobile monitoring technology itself is also rising. Now move the bus surveillance cameras, vehicle mobile surveillance cameras, mobile wireless surveillance camera man most have night vision, but farther away from the monitor.

Prospects for mobile video surveillance applications

On the application, the phone (or mobile terminal) monitors used for business users, industrial users and home users, the civilian market's huge market potential; buses are mainly used in mobile monitoring the transport sector, including long Transit buses, trucks and other dangerous goods, the market space is very large; vehicle mobile surveillance, mainly used in law enforcement vehicles, including police cars, emergency command vehicle, urban law enforcement vehicles, fire engines, etc.; law enforcement setting recorders and mobile man Prepare, relatively more specialized applications, but also has no small market potential. With the continuous development of the mobile monitoring technology and mature, declining network and deployment cost, wireless mobile monitoring developments in the spring will arrive.

Bottlenecks facing the development of mobile video surveillance

Although mobile video surveillance applications more widely, in the emergency command and applications, are playing an increasingly important role, but applications must face the following key points:

Bandwidth: Bandwidth and frequency resources are limited, achievable bandwidth is much lower than a wired network. Since the effective bandwidth of the public mobile communication network, a single terminal is very limited, often need to carry voice, data transmission, etc. Business, high-bandwidth video surveillance data prone to packet loss and available bandwidth often fluctuates. Radio channel bit error rate is relatively high. In particular, when the terminal is moving, the available bandwidth and bit error rate indicators representing Dropped significantly.

Tariff: The tariff line transmission is also much higher than the cable transmission, especially users who need to be monitored continuously for a long time is unacceptable. But the current application, 4g network tariff decline is inevitable.

Real-time: Since it is an emergency application, bound to real-time requirements, to ensure the delay is small, this is a move to prevent dropped frames need to face the problem of video surveillance.

How to face the problem of mobile monitoring HD

So, the next few years, mobile and fixed surveillance and monitoring can monitor ip evenly divided? Mobile monitoring surveillance market can become the protagonist?

ip-definition monitor the situation a little better, ip million HD transmission stage can have pressed 2-3mbps room, but can also be pressed 6mbps less bandwidth traffic control, which for ip HD transmission and storage can be said to greatly reduce the burden . However, the general monitoring device transmits example for comparison, the current specifications based 720p Computing, stream d1 is about 2 times the bandwidth of around 3m, while taking 1080p calculations stream is 5 times d1, and the bandwidth is approximately 6m, take up hard disk storage capacity is the same. Since the HD camera Investment in equipment than in the past cif, d1 cameras to increase exponentially, so other ancillary products, and in particular the cost of adding more storage devices.

Currently around the promotion of video surveillance equipment on most policies require more clarity d1, HD application relies mainly on promoting large-scale government projects, local government finances unsustainable land Under pressure, the money is very tight, and funded by the government or government-based funding, monitoring project (such as safe city, intelligent transportation, safe campus, safe hospitals, etc.) need to be implemented in quantity, required huge amount of money, HD cameras can only be a last resort to minimize the layout. With safe city construction depth to 3,4-tier cities, funding problems may be greater. You must install video surveillance equipment and user units is also the case, the purchase of capital And operating costs are less than the biggest obstacle popularity of high-definition video surveillance equipment.

Fewer staff on duty, not a long, continuous attention to so many video images, and then clear images just passing by, can not be judged by the security status of the real-time image protection goals. Talk about "doing system equipment To "not considered" operator do ", the real destination user is not required to realize the system, which is one of the key problems of current Jifanggongcheng. Intelligent determine the security state of the actual current urgent requirement is to provide L guard key performance engineering, and high-definition intelligent technical issues need to be addressed in the application process. If you can not produce high-definition effects to create a practical and intelligent features that can not see the definition of security issues to solve real Between inter-action, see HD and intelligent "dependent, interactive" relationship, users can not "big money" for the definition of venture capital investment in technology products.

HD network camera to the deficiencies in the application of the survey reflect the real-time and high-definition display issues, the agreement does not create difficulties integrating the standard, non-standard three reflect the most common format. Signal delay on the real-time display The main reason is the higher bandwidth requirements of HD products share, ip video signal flow is too high large packet loss rate, delay caused by insufficient bandwidth is large, and the current Chinese network transmission costs are more expensive because of cost considerations selected users Optional 15fps video stream transmission caused by poor; agreement mainly because of the different non-standard encoding various manufacturers, resulting in back-end decoding compatibility issues, proprietary protocol sdk part of the standard is not unified, easy integration, the whole Co difficulties; standards is another problem to be solved. GB from June 1, 2012 start of the "security of information transmission network video surveillance systems, switching, control technology requirements", ie gb/t28181-2011 standard definition video can solve the basic problems of integration with existing systems, but it is only within a broad range of video surveillance so that basic interoperability standards. As the network transmission and bring Video delay, network dropped frames, video data insecurity, mass storage data such issues so that some users away. So Network HD only adequately address network delay, mass storage, and combined with intelligent analysis Question, in order to achieve better development.